September 14th, 2017

My Thoughts on the newest IT movie

A few years back doing one of my wikipedia surfing, I came across a story that I read the synopsis of and thought how messed up the idea was that I just read it. As you can guess, that author was RICHARD BACHMAN, the pseudonym for one STEPHEN KING. That book happened to be The Long Walk and I would definitely recommend it. That started a cascade of interest in reading more of his novels. A few friends of mine have read tons of Stephen King and recommended THE DARK TOWER series. To get fully immersed in that world it was important to understand Stephen Kings universe of novels that the Dark Tower series either directly connects to or alludes to with similar characters, creatures, etc. One of those books happened to be IT.

I won't lie, It is a messed up book, but its a very good book, that does a really good job engrossing the reader about each of the characters of the Losers Club, their fears and motivations, their relationships to each other and how they develop as adults. The book is very long, about the same length as THE STAND but tells you a lot and gives a full epic story about the battle of good versus evil. Unlike what people think based on the format of the old Tim Curry 1990 It movie and this current one, the novels story is divided into 5 parts each intercutting between childhood and adulthood a like slowly unveiling whats going on with these adults and why they are fearful, yet motivated to go back to Derry, Maine where this story takes place. In other words, I recommend the reading the novel, but at the same time, you do not really need to to see this movie. Warning, there be spoilers.

I'll be blunt, I loved this new It movie a lot. Its probably my favorite movie along with WAR FOR THE PLANET OF THE APES of 2017 thus far. I read It once, but the stuff in It that I do recall was not only shown in the movie but made it scarier than the way novel depicted it. The 1990 had the scene with Georgie and Pennywise but they did not show the violent outcome that happens to Georgie since it was a TV movie and they had to tone it down so instead the scenes fading to black. This 2017, not only shows Georgies having his arm bitten off but hes abducted and dragged into the drain never to be seen again. That whole thing unsettled me and we are only ten minutes in the movie. The rest of the movie showed Pennywise or IT, terrorize the losers with their own fears and we know because the movie develops the characters in a short amount of time, allowing us to get to know them. The kids acting was phenomenal, the 80's setting made me feel like a little kid again, even though I grew up in the 90's, and seeing the way they interacted with each other sold me in the story. I felt they were relatable, strong, brave, and real. I could relate because I grew up a nerd, who was made fun of, not great at sports, and spent a lot of my time by myself. The thing I loved the most was the depiction of Pennywise the Dancing Clown.

IT is one of the oldest beings in the macroverse, around before the our universe formed, and landed during prehistoric times in the area that became Derry. Throughout history, IT was the reason why absurdly horrible events happened in Derry. Not only does he kill people himself, but he also manipulates others to kill for him. I liked Tim Curry as Pennywise in the earlier film because he just liked to fuck with the kids and was still pretty horrible but Bill Skaarsgard puts the evil and the malice in Pennywise. Hes really only friendly to Georgie and look how that ended, to everyone else, he come very very close to killing them or scaring them to death. The way they show Pennywise in the film, for most of it, it feels like he is not even physically there especially when they show his movements, as in the laws of physics do not apply to him. Some of the scenes were in the book and some of them were not, but the ones that were not were excellently carried out and consistent with the rest of the movie. The scenes with the projector was a new scene but that scared the crap out of me, to the point where I kept drinking my soda until it was all gone, and I NEVER finish my soda at the theater. I liked the visuals, the soundtrack, the acting, everything. This might be my favorite Stephen King films up there with the 1976 CARRIE, THE SHINING, and the SHAWSHANK REDEMPTION. Go see it and you might just pee your pants.